Dallas, TX
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Nasrin Hormozi knows first hand how many women are not wearing the proper fitting bra. Before she opened Trousseau boutique in Dallas, Texas, she owned a mini-department store of sorts. She sold everything from linens to children’s clothing and it was here that she discovered that many women were wearing the wrong type of bra. She decided to close the store and open Trousseau to focus on becoming what she likes to call a ‘lingerie wardrobe stylist’.

Her 11 years spent in the lingerie business have helped her to shape the way women think about the shopping process. She educates her customers on the importance of having a variety of well-fitting lingerie. It is important to her that they know that the actual size of a woman’s bra does not define her. Once a woman has been properly fitted, her measurements, preferences and lifestyle are kept on file. The next time that they are in need of something new, Nasrin and staff are one step ahead of them.

The name Trousseau means trunk in French. Many years ago when a bride went to her new home, she would pack her trousseau with custom undergarments, gowns and dresses. Nasrin said that some of her customers still come into the store and request pieces for their trousseau. They have a very large range of sizes and also host complimentary bridal showers. That’s the perfect excuse to build your very own Trousseau!

4266 Oak Lawn Avenue
Dallas, TX 75219

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