A Monthly to Love

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Finally, a monthly we can all look forward to. You know what I mean, the monthly shipments of panties, tights, handmade cards and all things bespoke. Here’s all you need to know to make sure you please yourself this holiday season.

What is a monthly?
It’s a little box of wow that comes in the mail. It’s better then Columbia House (if you’re my age), a Christmas every month kinda feeling.

My favorite five:
1. Bespoke Post– every month is a new theme, a little box of awesome. It’s technically for men but there hasn’t been a box I haven’t fallen in love with. My favorite month was called Alchemy, a collection of all things whiskey (shaker, jigger, bitters, cool ice cube tray, cocktail guide). Nuff said.
2. Firehosiery– this company delivers French stockings to your doorstep. These sexy color bursting nylons will transform your everyday look into something much more Parisian.
3. Tota Press– Tomoko makes handmade letter pressed cards and ships them monthly with a flyer detailing her inspiration. She does many things with her press, including cranking out invitations, business cards, art and more. This is a soulful gift to receive every month. You won’t want to share the cards, they are just too beautiful.
4. Panty by Post– full disclosure, this is my company. That said, I know for a fact that it’s the most luxurious subscription to pretty panties on the market. We’ve been running this company for four years and we firmly believe we were the first ones to kick-start the subscription commerce boom. Enjoy a pretty panty every month in the post. We ship worldwide.
5. Blissmo– this eco chic beauty box is the perfect introduction to healthy products, good for the earth and good for you. It’s a chip off the old block, Birch Box, but with a green twist.

Written by Natalie Grunberg of Panty by Post

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