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by Patricia Brett | in Fashion, The Tell All

So many women dread swimsuit shopping.  We get in front of a mirror, pale (and perhaps slightly out of shape) from a winter spent indoors and wonder, “what happened?”

For me the process of swimsuit shopping was extra hard- I had a bilateral mastectomy.

Even though I had breast reconstruction, I was still self-conscious of my new “breasts” and realized they didn’t fit into swimsuits in quite the same way as natural breasts.

Same for many women who do not have breast reconstruction.  For some, the prospect of swimsuit shopping can be very daunting.  Trying to find an attractive swimsuit that accommodates breast forms or fits a naturally flat body without breasts can be really difficult.

I decided to change all that.  If women have survived cancer, chemo, radiation and all the other things that can come with a breast cancer diagnosis, at least they should be able to find a gorgeous, great-fitting swimsuit at the other end.

In 2010, after a few years of research, prototypes and testing, I launched Veronica Brett, the first luxury collection of swimwear designed especially for breast cancer survivors and women (like me!) who had risk-reducing mastectomies.

Why luxury?  Why not?!  The more research I did, I realized there were “post-surgical” swimsuits on the market, but what was missing were the stylish, better-quality, high-end swimsuits, like what I wore prior to surgery.

I wanted to give women sexy, sophisticated swimwear made (in the USA) of only the best Italian swim fabrics.  The idea was to create a line of swimwear that looks as much as possible like “regular” swimwear, something all women could wear, it just especially meets the needs of those of us who have had breast surgery.

Since then, I have heard from some pretty extraordinary women who believe in the power of a great-fitting swimsuit, and believe in Veronica Brett,

“I just received my swimsuit, and it’s fabulous.  I am a 23-year cancer survivor following mastectomy, and this is the first time in years that I felt sexy in a bathing suit.  Sexy and comfortable…I thought it was out of reach for me.  THANK YOU!!!”

After all, if it doesn’t help us feel great about ourselves again, what’s the point of fashion?

Patricia Brett is the Founder & Designer of swimwear line Veronica Brett. Her model featured here, is Stefanie Larue; a Breast Cancer Survivor.

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