Wearing WHAT Under White?

by Lovely Girl | in Fashion, The Tell All

It’s hard to find a great white jean, but this is the season, so get out and try them! Make sure they are a good quality (at any price point) and that the fabric is thick enough to conceal bulges and dimples. This may also be the time to size up, you do not want white jeans to be clingy.

Most importantly, though, is what you wear under your white jeans. SEAMLESS is the answer here, and so is NUDE. Whether you are a thong, bikini or girl short wearer, as long as you go with nude seamless undies you’ll have nothing to hide under your white jeans. And this seamless look will take you through all of your summer whites!

My picks for undies? I love the Commando microfiber seamless, the Simone Perele Invisi’bulles, and the Calvin Klein Invisibles.


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