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by Bryan Levandowski | in The Tell All, Underwear

Hey guys, next time “not having the right gear” prevents you from going to the gym, check again. Here are five essentials you need to have in your underwear drawer. Ladies, this one’s for the boys, but there’s nothing wrong with you adding these to his drawer for some gym encouragement.

Boxer Briefs

Layer your regular boxer briefs under shorts, sweatpants, etc. to protect against rubbing and chafing. Never worry about raw skin, ingrown hairs or sore spots again. Go the extra mile by investing in a pair made from moisture-wicking microfiber for in-your-pants air conditioning, like the CalvinKlein Pro Stretch Reflex Boxer Brief.

Athletic Socks

The right sock is the first step (pun intended) to a better run, and for that you need support. Work socks won’t cut it, so try thefoot-hugging, arch-supporting, super cooling Wigwam Ironman for exceptional comfort from the bottom-up.

Jock Strap

If you run, jog, play tennis—anything that causes bouncing—you need extra support up front. A jock strap features a contoured pouch that keeps the boys close to home, preventing excess strain, impact and even bruising. The C-IN2Core Jock Strap is made with a breathable pouch to keep your southern region cool and dry.

Tighty Whities

Even though boxer briefs are great for the gym, if you don’t need the length, a brief gives you all the coverage and support you need. Also, if you’re in a pinch before a run and don’t have a jock strap, you can always layer a brief under a boxer brief for extra support up front. We love aussieBum Undies, a good old-fashioned brief with a splash of color.

Tank Tops

That drawer full of “wifebeaters” is ideal for getting your game on because they are comfy, light and can be layered to match the weather. The Go Softwear Over Dye Tank Top comes in a slew of manly colors so you can show off your guns in style.

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